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Spotlight on Laya Healthcare |


Laya healthcare is the second largest healthcare provider in the Irish market. They offer access to a wide range of hospitals, doctors, and Consultants, quality cancer, cardiac and neurological cover; maternity and child healthcare and direct payment centres among other services.


Primary objective: To encourage families to switch to Laya healthcare and save up to 19% compared to other Irish providers

Secondary objective: To drive engagement and build a strong relationship with the core audience.

Target Audience:

Parents, specifically females age range 25-44

i-Believe Solution:

A Brand Voice package which connected with the core audience at multiple touch points across the i-Believe Parenting Channel. The client ran with display and high impact billboards to announce and build awareness of the 19% savings which Laya offered. The campaign also included three separate elements of content integration which were presented as advice pieces from Laya experts to mums around key parenting issues – e.g. sleepless nights/behavioural issues. The content was promoted via social shout outs on and social media pages to really drive engagement and generate conversations around the content pieces. Finally Laya ran with two competitions which were also supported with social shout outs to once again raise the profile of the brand and build loyalty in what is a highly competitive market.

Laya healthcare Spotlight from ibelievedublin