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i-Believe Signs the Irish Radioplayer App

The Independent Broadcasters of Ireland and RTE have appointed i-Believe as the Exclusive sales agents for the Irish Radioplayer app.

What is the Radioplayer App?

The Irish Radioplayer app is the official Irish Radio mobile app and is available internationally across Apple and Android devices. With the Irish Radioplayer app, you can listen live, catch up on programmes and view social feeds from the stations. No need to change site or app, it’s all there in one place.

This fantastic new feature is the one stop shop for Irish radio content with 43 stations in total, including RTE Services and the Independent Broadcasters of Ireland. Since its launch in January 2015, the Irish Radioplayer App has amassed over 180,000 downloads, with usage rates growing to over 700,000 sessions, and 1.3 million streams per month.

The unparalleled scope of the Irish Radioplayer app presents a unique opportunity for a national brand to reach urban, suburban and rural communities right across Ireland through in a new, powerful and unmissable way.


Sponsorship Benefits

i-Believe is currently looking for a single exclusive sponsor for a one year term from the start of August 2016 with first right of refusal to renew for successive terms.

What Do You Get?

Exclusive sponsorship of the App

A minimum combination of 8 million launch audio ads, 15 seconds in length.

Approximately €500,000 worth of yearly trading rate on-air promotion

3×2 Week campaigns across the year

Across 43 Stations

Minimum 2 spots per day per campaign.

Why Audio? – A Market on the Rise

Digital listening is on the rise, and showing no signs of slowing down.

After struggling in the turn of the millennium against illegal downloading and online piracy, ad-supported streaming is proving to be a key player in the comeback of the music industry. 2015 proved to be a benchmark year for audio as digital music listening surpassed physical means in terms of audience and revenue, and marked a significant uptick in overall profit as a result.

The rise of digital music listening is a growing trend – estimates showing a projected growth to a valuation of $8.7 billion in the next five years.


Infographic: The Rise of Music Streaming | Statista

Infographic: Digital Music on the Rise | Statista

As digital audio apps refine their ability to deliver content to users, now is the time to contribute to the experience through marketing and advertising.



If you and your company are interested in sponsoring the Irish Radioplayer App, contact our team at (01) 7030405 or at info@i-believe.ie

The Next Steps

Ads will need to incorporate an end frame / audio mention of the Radioplayer sponsor status.

Multiple creative must be supplied to prevent ad fatigue, and should be freshened up throughout the sponsorship period.

Adserving testing will begin in July, with commercial launch slotted for early August.